A Warm, Inviting Office

My friend has his own family counseling office, and it needed some sprucing up. It was cold looking like an office, a little cluttered, and disorganized. He had certain requirements for the space: the kitchen needed to be safe and inviting for children and art therapy activities, the waiting area needed to be inviting for both children and parents, and his office needed to be functional for office work and comfortable for adult clients. We got to work!

Over several months, we rearranged, purged a lot of unneeded items, reorganized, and repurposed some furniture. New curtains were added to soften up the space while still allowing for light and privacy. Bookshelves and a coffee table were given a fresh coat of white paint and a new home in the kitchen and office. Rainbowing the books added a fun design element that is pleasant to view. We made all the kids’ activities accessible to kids, but also organized and easy to put back where they go. Kid-sized stools were added to make it a comfortable place to sit and talk. The end result is a neater, warmer environment for clients to enjoy.