The never ending story of a 1960s kitchen . . .

Before: Dark and Gloomy
After: Bright and Cheery!

First, we painted the uppers a bright white and installed a beautiful subway tile, and stainless hood vent. Next, we tackled the counters. I found a local company that sells their leftover pieces of quartz and granite for a fraction of the price.

With counters came a new bronze faucet and soap dispenser and my favorite, the copper sink!

Gotta love a copper sink
Safe on copper and makes it shine!

Then we painted the lowers a beautiful forest green to offset the white.

And finally, the accent pieces came together. Where the upper cabinets were ripped down, an unsightly mess of ductwork and insulation was left. We hired someone to repurpose the doors into a wood surface to hide it all. Then I covered that wood with copper stick tiles glued on with a quick dry adhesive, both from Wayfair. I even found copper saucers for the plants to tie in with the copper sink.

These pulls reflect the light and go well with the white upper cabinets and the green lower cabinets.